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The Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre provides Education Packs for both Primary and Secondary School students. 

We are also offering two Workbooks for downloading for each of the school levels.  These workbooks are now split into a workbook for use in the Visitor Centre and a wookbook for use in the Class Room. They are designed to help the student learn about the Battle of the Boyne.

Please note that all Workbooks need to be downloaded prior to the school visiting the exhibition to ensure maximum benefit. 

Workbooks will not be available in the Visitor Centre.

Primary School :  Education Pack & Workbooks

Primary Education Pack Small.png           Primary Workbook for Visitor Centre Small.png           Primary Workbook for Class Room Small.png

 Primary Education Pack                   Visitor Centre Workbook.pdf             Class Room Workbook.pdf

Secondary School :  Education Pack & Workbooks

Secondary Education Pack Small.png           Secondary Workbook for Visitor Centre Small.png           Secondary Workbook for Class Room Small

Secondary Education Pack‌                Visitor Centre Workbook a.pdf             Class Room Workbook b.pdf


New Tree Trail for Primary School Level

Oldbridge Tree Trail 2013.png








Oldbridge Tree Trail 2013.pdf